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So, did you like my post on Madison Young? Then you’ll love this little nugget. Again, it’s something you don’t need to trust me on, seeing as I’m not the expert here, but I’d love to give you my opinion.

This article on The Frisky caught my eye. Now, I am an avid viewer of a certain lifestyle channel. It has good shows, has MasterChef Australia and airs continuously throughout the night, so what’s not to love?

Now, this particular channel also airs The Millionaire Matchmaker, a show about matchmaker Patti Stanger’s dating agency for millionaires and millionairesses.

When it’s on, and I’m watching it, my mum watches with me, and therefore knows how I feel about this woman. And it’s not good.

She has a style of matchmaking that irks me. As explained in the article on The Frisky, she has a few dating theories, that include such zingers as “Men don’t want smart girls” and “men don’t want redheads/curly girls.”

I find that a bit offensive. I respect Patti’s experience in the field of matchmaking and realise that I’m not one to talk, but her theories seem to… well, not add up!

Of course, the men that feature on the show are a class in their own right. Ranging from the genuinely kind to the completely deranged.

Patti is also keen on changing these men and women to fit her style and her preferences. To quote this article on Wikipedia

Her ‘casting calls’ or “recruiting sessions” where she screens women can be brutal. She told one woman she had a beautiful face but couldn’t meet her millionaire because she was 10-15 lbs overweight. “I can’t do much for women over 45,” Stanger said in an interview, “and if they’re overweight, it’s almost impossible.”[5] She told another woman to take off her wig, then suggested she come back after she got hair extensions.

What is this woman’s beef with overweight ladies? Isn’t the whole point of love loving someone just the way they are? Or is that terribly naive of me?

Changing the way you look for love is sort of stupid. And it could escalate! Think about it. Imagine going through all these physical changes, all this “dumbing down” of your personality just to be dumped for a smart, curly redhead in Converse sneakers.

Why? Because, and you may find this hard to believe, not all men are the way you think. Sure, they are rare and far between. For every nice, genuine guy, there are about ten assholes running around.

But they are there. And so are those girls. And I do hope they don’t take Patti’s advice and just stay themselves. And find true love with each other and make smart, curly-haired, redhead babies.

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  1. If the women are wanting to date someone just because they’re a millionaire I don’t feel too sorry for them for being rejected by some crazy lady for something equally shallow.

    This woman seems particularly fond of stereotypes. Sure, everyone uses them at some point whether they mean to or not, but she fucking loves the things! Some of her theories seem really odd too, for example, I thought redheads were seen as pretty hot?

    I think most men are pretty normal. It seems like there are way more assholes than there actually are out there cos they’re loud and annoying so get a disproportionally large amount of attention. And if someone does/says something a little nasty you’re perhaps way more likely to remember it than if someone does something kinda nice. Sometimes it’s hard for nice, normal people to stand out.

    • I feel my post doesn’t do the phenomenon of Patti justice. So my advice is to look up an episode of the show on Youtube or something and judge for yourself.

      She also believes that gay men can’t do monogamous relationships, which is bullshit, because I know at least two gay couples who are happy together and monogamous.


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