On the Cliff

Wank Wednesday. Cliff. I apologize in advance if this isn’t very good, but I seem to be experiencing a mental block. I feel bad.

Play here.


On The Cliff

I am forever on the cliff, balancing between choosing her and going my own way.

She destroys everything that I am. Turns me into a wreck of a former man, who used to be able to have consious thoughts about life and its perils.

Fuck her. Fuck her for turning me into someone I’m not. Fuck her for being an evil harpy and enchanting me in such a way that I can’t bear to leave her.

Fuck her for being the love of my life.

Fuck her for being the greatest sex I ever had.

Fuck her, FUCK HER for being so fucking addicting. Like cigarettes and candy and the most powerful drug put together.

I’m forever on the cliff. She ruined me, and built me up again.

Fuck me for being the fool.

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  1. Meg Philip

     /  October 5, 2011

    This so reminds me of somebody I know. I will be pointing them in this direction…. I like very much!

  2. I love the images in this and the feelings that come through. So authentic.


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