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This is just one of those weeks where nothing of interest happens to me. With the exeption of Tristan Taormino’s book arriving in the mail (sent to me in exchange for a review) and it being one of the most awesome books I ever read.

Monday, my mum offered to take me out for a late lunch. Unfortunately, I had taken my medication on an empty stomach, which resulted in me nearly vomming over my auntie, who was there, having mussels.

Tuesday, my router broke down, so I was without internet, which is fucking scary when you depend on the internet for every single thing you do!

Wednesday, the people at the computer store proved that they are made of ORSUM, by actually coming to our place, picking it up and bringing it back after. Slept through most of the day again.

Listened to the new Life On The Swingset podcast, about porn. I’m falling in love with this show. Doesn’t matter that I don’t swing, it caters to every need. Plus, it directed me to Lady Cheeky’s Tumblr, which is made of all kinds of awesome.

And now, Thursday has reared its (ugly) head. I swear, I don’t function on any day, except for the weekends. It will be interesting to see what this day brings. Possibly more naps.

For no reason, here’s Noel Fielding.

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