Musings Again

Just some random splashes of thought for you.

I’ve been feeling the love today, from none other than the Life on the Swingset boys, Cooper Beckett and Dylan Thomas! Shit, color me all kinds of flattered, because I am a huge fan of the show, and it often keeps me company during my late nights. So that they actually follow me on Twitter is another huge achievement in my sex blogging, erotica writing life. Cheers lads!

The rest of my life has not been as great, seeing as I’m coping with not only my health problems, but my mums as well. She tore her meniscus a few weeks back and the doctors have left it till now to treat her. She is in agony, poor her.

As for myself, I had a weird cough attack that left my throat quite scratchy. Also, I’m tired. I do not feel sexy whatsoever. In fact, I feel rubbish!

But I shall not bore you with trivialities about my health.

As for Red, I’m quite stuck after the two last chapters. I think I went overboard with the rimming. So, bear with me as I try to climb back onto the ship.

As The Mighty Boosh learned me, looking at kittens is calming. So, have kittens.

Kitteh haz a funneh.

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