Peek of Peaks


Peek of Peaks

“Darling, do you fancy a cup of tea?” she asked, on one of those inane Friday evenings. Nothing of note had happened to me throughout the week. Except that one funny moment when my boss tripped over his own shoelaces. Positively Schadenfreudistic.

“No thanks.” I sighed heavily, slumping on the couch. I just wanted to get this week over with. Nothing in the world could make this more interesting.


“Yes, love?”

“Look at me.”

I obeyed, and turned over to her. She was wearing a cardigan. And, to my utter delight…

she was wearing it open.

Without a bra on.

“Do you want anything else?” she said, pointing towards her breasts.

Ah, those breasts. Capable of reducing me into a slobbering loon in 0.1 seconds flat.

“Yes.” I breathed, feeling the blood rush towards my cock at a dizzying pace. “God, yes.”

She grinned and strode over to me. And as she walked, she dropped her cardigan to reveal those sinful tits in all their glory.

Ah, my wife. She just has to grant me a peak of her peaks and I’m lost.

Gotta love her.

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