Come Undone

I haven’t written a Little Story in a while, being busy with Red and that. But inspiration hits you at weird times and last night, I could hear this monologue so very clear in my head, it almost made me cry. My apologies if the brain to page translation isn’t all that.

(Bear with me, Red is coming back soon)

Come Undone

“Elin? You’re awake, aren’t you?”

I couldn’t hide it. And he knew me too damn well to know exactly when I was sleeping.

“Yes, Jase.”

“What’s troubling you? Tell me.” he said, caressing my bare back.

“I’m a wreck, Jase. Trying to be a writer, and not coming up with shit. Trying to take care of the twins. Trying.”

“Hey, you’re doing a pretty good job! I admire you.”

“That’s great, Jase. But what if other girls come along? What if you leave me for someone who’s not an absolute wreck of a person, someone beautiful and that?”

He was quiet for a while. I feared I had angered him, like I usually do when I put myself down like that.

“Do you know that song, Come Undone? You know the video, right? Where Robbie Williams pillocks about in the ruins of a seriously heavy party?

I had one of those days once. I woke up with the mother of all hangovers. It was so bad, I didn’t even remember the previous night. My vision was blurred and I had to blink a few times to actually see where I was.

Next thing I noticed was that I was in my boxers. And I still had on the shirt I wore the previous night. And my tie. I looked down to see some writing scribbled on my arms. A girl’s phone number, in bic blue.

I groaned and tried to stand up. That’s when I noticed there was a girl lying next to me. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember her name, or even meeting her. It hit me that I might have fucked her. But she had all her clothes still on. I hated myself at that moment.

“Fuck. I didn’t even take her clothes off.”

I felt like a disgusting perv and truly hated that I hadn’t given this woman the best I had in me. I never fuck drunk, you know that.

I tried waking her up, but my mouth felt like alcoholic sandpaper, so anything that came out was a faint whimper. I resorted to nudging her. Luckily, she woke up.

She immediately started fussing over me, asking me how I was doing and offering to make me a strong cup of coffee.

I didn’t say no to that.

Over coffee and egg banjos, she told me everything about the previous night. She reassured me that we didn’t have sex, and then told me that she had taken pity on me in the bar and took me home. In between vomming my guts out, I had apparently opened up to her.

She told me that I said that I was flirting with girls to make someone jealous. That I hated seeing her with that other man, because I knew that I’d be so much better for her than that prick she was with. That I loved that girl so much that it made me sick. That I cried my eyes out at night because it was another night not spent in her arms.

She told me that if I really loved that girl, I should fight for her. And I did. I fought for you, Elin. I fought for you till I bled. And every morning I wake up next to you, and every night I fall asleep next to you, I thank whoever is responsible for giving a mutt like me the chance to be with such a brilliant and beautiful woman like you. Now that you’re mine, do you think I’ll ever let you go?”

I silently sobbed. But not silent enough to hide it from him. He held me tight as I fell asleep. And the next morning, I thanked whoever was responsible for giving a bitch like me the chance to be with a gorgeous and amazing guy like him.


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  1. Love this. You’re a great creator of characters, Jilly!

    LP x


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