I like when he surrenders himself to me. When he lets me discover every nook and cranny of that gorgeously atlethic body of his, with my hands, my mouth and every other inch of my being.

He guides me, tells me what he likes and what he wants me to do. He likes me to kiss his chest. Gently bite his nipples. Tickle him. Touch his balls.

And I like watching his face contort in ecstasy, his voice becoming a mere whisper as he stutters, “Fuck yes!” and spills his hot seed all over wherever he wants to come today.

I like it when I surrender to him. When I’m in my underthings and he’s curled up next to me, naked and with a fucking impressive hard-on pressing against my arse. He whispers the filthiest things into my ear, and I let him because I can get off on just the sound on his voice alone.

He slips down my knickers and spreads me, cheekily running a finger down my slit, just to see how wet I am. And fuck it, I am wet. When he slides into me, I’m ready for him, for the feel of his cock inside me.

I like it when I surrender and he grinds his hips into me, pounding me hard. He lets out this caveman grunt and grabs on to me, pressing his fingers into me until he leaves big, purple marks on my skin, but I don’t mind. In fact, I like it.

And when I come, when I fly over the edge, I never want to come down because the feeling is so exquisite and satisfying that for a moment, one single moment, I feel like a normal person.

But I love it when he comes inside me. I love how, at that moment, we’re connected. How we’ve both surrendered to our sick lust for each other. And I don’t mind the filth he spews into my ear when he comes. It’s rather comical.

Surrendering to each other is the most wonderful feeling in the world. And when we lie there, bodies entwined, hot and sweaty, I like to think that I’m the luckiest woman on the planet.

And that man, lying there in a sweaty, panting heap next to me? God, I love him. I love ever inch of him. He’s my soulmate.

And I’m happy to surrender my mind, body and spirit to his devil tongue.

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