DUDE! I made a discovery about myself. A really profound one and that. (Keep in mind that it is 1.03 am as I am writing this).

(And no, I’m not drunk. Yet. Only joking.)

I’m a total h0r for two things. And they both start with the word “stat.”

Of course, you all know what the first one is.

Moving swiftly on

The second thing I am a total h0r for, are my stats. It is a very sad fact that I do like to watch the little lines in my Sparklines thingamajiggy shoot up. Although I haven’t quite figured out how to interpret them.

I also have a third thing that I am an absolute h0r for. This.

Y’all know Matthew Gray Gubler, right?

Wow, this post is making no sense whatsoever. This is really just typing for the sake of posting pictures of these beautiful men. I should have posted them on my Tumblr.

You’ll have to excuse me for making no sense. Only, I haven’t been functioning properly today, due to my biorythm completely taking the piss out of me. I have so many things to do. I have, yet again, bought too many books. Books that are going to be confined to the space under my bedside table soon, quite possibly. I hate being a serial bookshopper. I want to sell all the books I bought last year and make way for my shiny, new, good books. Or buy another bookshelf.

God, I’m an addict.

‘Scuse me whilst I saunter off to watch Criminal Minds and fap all over Dr. Spencer Reid and his IQ of 180 +. Have I mentioned I’m a total sapiosexual?

Anyway, have some men to look at.

Shite, he’s hot. It’s not even funny how hot he is. Seriously, he makes my nethers go HALLE-BLEEDIN’-LUJAH.

Gubler. Cos he is insanely hot and probably the smartest man ever to appear on my television thats also insanely hot, and have I mentioned he’s insanely hot? Look at that smile!

Shemar. There are no words. Except, you know… DO ME NOW!!

Sorry for the randomness of this post, but I seem to be malfunctioning slightly. Normal service will resume tomorrow.

I think.

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