My lover, my friend, my soulmate.

We’ve been together for seven years.

Execellent in bed, considerate lover, likes tenderness and caressing my naked skin.

I like to make love to him.



Best friends, mutual admiration, secret crush.

Friends since the dawn of time. Born on the same day.

Built like a Greek god, amazing shagger, can make a woman come by just blinking at them.

I like to fuck him.


I don’t like to choose.

And tonight, I don’t have to.

Tonight, both men will stir my heart

my soul

and my pussy.

The best of both worlds. The three of us, all in one bed. Limbs entwined. Cock, touching cock, touching pussy.

Yes, I am pretty certain that this, right here, is the best gift a girl can get.

And those two boys… they have no idea.

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