Apologies for the non-sexiness. But sometimes, romance is best.


Pain. Blood.

Glass. Window.

Seatbelt. Pavement.

Loose memories. I remember him sitting next to me. His hand on mine.

I remember “I love you.”

Waking up in the hospital. Eyes open. A presence in the room.

Is it him? No, it’s a doctor. A doctor and a nurse, fussing over me. I hear loose words.

“Broken. Very lucky. Boyfriend.”

Where is he?

Horrible thoughts creep into my head. Is he even alive? I need him! I can’t live without him! Eyes close again.

“Shell? Shell, babe, open your eyes.”

A familiar voice.


“Yes! Oh thank God! Doctor! She’s up, she’s speaking!”

I open my eyes and see Jake’s emerald peepers fill up with tears.

“You were very lucky, Ms Hereford. This young man saved your life!”

“You… saved me?”

Jake shows me his bandaged hand.

“He pulled you from the wreck. And he donated blood. Same bloodtype. You two are a perfect match, if I say so myself! I’ll leave you alone for a moment.”

The doctor leaves the room.

“I thought I lost you, Shell. Thought I was never going to be able to say the words I said back there.”

He takes my hand and holds on tight.

I try to form a sentence. “You…messed up your… hand for me?”

“Don’t worry, I can still play music. It just has to heal. And it was worth it.”

“Th…thank you.”

“I did it out of love. I love you, Shelly Hereford. With my body, my soul and all of my heart. And if I had lost you….”

He starts sobbing.

“I’m here. I’m here, Jake. I love you. Love you.”

He smiles through his tears. Caresses my face. And kisses my forehead.

“When you get better, I’ll sing for you. Play my guitar for you. But right now, I’ll stay by your side. Do you need anything?”

“You.” I say, managing a tiny smile.

He’s here. And he loves me. And I can not believe it took a nearly-fatal accident to get me to say it back to him.

But I do love him. He saved my life.

And I’m safe with him.

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