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I never actually thought we’d make it. We’re a passionate couple, we argue like it’s going out of style, but we make up like that too.

1 year ago today, we got married. So, technically, this is our paper wedding anniversary.

It’s amazing how fragile a new marriage is. Quite like paper, actually.

The first night we made love as man and wife, I almost didn’t touch her. She lay there, her skin pale in the moonlight shining through the window. She looked so beautiful. I didn’t want to hurt her with my raw, calloused fingers. I felt like an utter clot, because I seemingly had lost the ability to just let go and have fun and fantastic sex with her, like we always did.

My fragile, beautiful wife.

She’s a lot stronger than me.

She held my hand through many occasions. Hospital visits, family visits… even on the night my life nearly ended.

 I thought I was a goner.

She saved me.

And she kept saving me.

In the hospital, out of the hospital, in the house, in the bedroom, everywhere. She saved me.

The first time we had sex after the accident, she… she talked me through it. I couldn’t remember much. What she liked, what I liked… for a moment, I couldn’t even remember what to do, that’s how terrified I was.

I couldn’t even get hard.

But she helped me. Saved my grace. And the overwhelming pleasure I felt that night was something I still can’t put into words.

1 year ago today, we got married. And although our marriage is still fragile, like a piece of paper, I have faith that we will stand strong together.

After all, our story is far from finished.

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  1. Lovely. sexy and heart warming.

  2. Stranded

     /  October 19, 2011

    One does enjoy multiple saves…enjoyed this.


  3. Very Poignant.


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