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So, consider this the post-wanking post.

Last night was a definite night of firsts. After the pictures I took of my wet cunt, I felt quite daring. So, I took the camera upstairs.

I lay on the bed, pants off and that, and spread open for my camera. Every time I took a picture, I marvelled at the result. Some were good, some were horrible, but the end result was amazing.

I then felt very daring.

So daring, that I switched the camera to recording mode and took two short films of myself, frigging! Amazing!

I decided I wanted to see my pussy better, so I picked up my compact mirror and… studied myself, if you will. Again, amazing.

My inner lips are tiny! They’re almost non-existant. My clit is pretty. And it’s so gorgeous when wet! I saw cum trickling out of my pussy, which was amazing. It was this white fluid, that just leaked down on to my pillow.

The last picture I took was one of the huge wet stain on the poor, unassuming pillow.

I did engage in somethime else which was quite exciting, but that’s something for another post. A special post, for International Fisting Day.

Yeah, I done gone and fisted myself. What of it?

Anyway, for those of you wanting to see my lovely pussy… tough ‘nanas.

However…. I may post one or two pics as a Sinful Sunday entry…. But only if you want to see them?

Watch this space.

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  1. Dear LLB,
    On behalf of myself and all other interested parties I humbly request you honour us this coming Sinful Sunday, at any time convenient to you, by publishing the afore mentioned photos. They undoubtedly must be a visual feast of the heavenly bounty that lies between your warm and silky thighs and I implore you that we, mere mortals, have the distinguished pleasure of gazing upon such exquisite perfection.
    Most sincerely,


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