Male Strippers and anal and madness, oh my!

Since I’m fresh out of sexy subjects to talk to you about (until tomorrow…), I thought I’d let you in on some stuff that’s been going on.

My NaNoWriMo project is taking shape. It’s an erotic fiction piece, inspired by The Full Monty and the upcoming testosterone strip-fest Magic Mike (Joe Manganiello stripping off…. I’m so there. Twice. And again two weeks later.).

I wrote some basic outlines for the first three chapters, and it’s turning out to be an absolute thing of love. Can’t really reveal too much, but if you’re a Nanite, you’ll have probably stumbled upon me somewhere.

I forgot to add something to my last masturbatory adventure. I tried anal penetration again, this time with two fingers. It was a fascinating feeling. I could actually feel my vibrator sitting in my cunt. I still can’t take it for long though. But I’m working my way up. It had been quite some time since I had done it, so it felt awkward, but perfectly fine. I do hope I can get a small plug in there soon.

The madness portion of my day came when an inspector came to our house yesterday. He was here to check out the safety of the house, and came to the very alarming conclusion that our house is basically a deathtrap. It was the most paranoid night of my life.

I admitted to my psychiatrist that I even feel stressed when I’m masturbating nowadays. There’s always this rush of unfinished thoughts in my head, and they seem to weigh on my shoulder. In fact, in so much so that I recently grumbled my way through a wank, out of anger. Never wank angry, I’d say.

I’m contemplating writing on celeb culture and sex later on. This particular article I have in mind was inspired by the onslaught of ads on a tv-channel I regularily watch. This channel is doing a Pretty Men Month, where they show a movie starring a Pretty Hollywood Man™, the likes of Ashton Kutcher, Richard Gere, and all that. I’d go on a rant about it here, but I think I’ll save it for a post of its own.

So, I’ll be off to write that post. Stay tuned!

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