Crazy For Her


Crazy for her

Have you ever been crazy about someone?

Like, proper crazy?

Are you scared that the world might actually stop spinning when you’re not with them?

That your heart might stop beating when you see them, because, like you, it is so in awe of their beauty it momentarily loses function?

Do you fear you can’t breathe when you think of them, because they just always take your breath away and run with it?

Without them, is there reason or rhyme to your life?

Can you not bear the thought of waking up without them in the morning?

I feel that way about her.

Her beauty is luminescent and her wisdom unprecedented.

When I see her, I just can’t control myself.

I crave to touch her, grab her, lift her in my arms and take her to the bedroom.

Our bodies connect, melt together, heat rising, sparks flying.

And she is mine.

And I can’t bear to think of losing her.

I’m crazy for her.


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