Lazy Wanker

I seem to have forgotten most details about last night’s wanking session. So, bear with me, as I recount the things I do know.

I remember lazily admitting to the need I had that day. Softly petting my clit. Trying to see if petting other areas made any difference.

I remembered something Tristan Taormino said in her book about the vaginal entrance, and stimulating it. Well, I tried. And I can’t really speak for other people, but I’d like to say this on behalf of my vagina: HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, THAT’S AWESOME.

Seriously, it was quite intense, and I never realised it was so sensitive to stimulation, although I had read about it. I was quite scared to lose the feeling by shifting or doing anything else. I let go eventually, and got back to business with my clit.

It’s not a good thing that I don’t remember much of the eventual orgasm, is it? Maybe it’s because I felt quite dazed afterwards. It was quite intense, and instead of going in for round two, I just lay there, lifeless.

I just went back to watching television afterwards. Sated and happy.

Now, I’m mainly preparing everything for my holiday in London. Friday is Erotic Meet Day. And do you know what? Erotic Meet has been mentioned on Time Out London’s blog! Which is, quite frankly, awesome.

The story I have been working on has been submitted to the publisher. And now, I wait, work on other things, and prepare NaNoWriMo. Although I have no clue how much more I can prepare.

If you like reading this blog and my stories, please don’t hesitate to send some good vibes my way in regards to this story.

To close, I had a very squeeworthy porngeek moment today. I left a comment on Courtney Trouble’s site and she replied! Yay!

Adios, my dearies. By the way, if you particularily enjoyed your special viewing of my ladygarden (© Catherine, thank you for that), why not tell me if you want to see more? I might just oblige….

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