Wank Wednesday has done a move. They are now here. The prompt this week is “Move”.



As I swing, sway around the floor, seduction heats up the room.

I can see him. He’s in the corner, having a drink. Red wine? Ribena? I don’t know.

We lock eyes, he smiles. Raises his glass to me and winks.

I smile back. Turn around again and dance.

Seconds, but possibly hours later, I can feel someone behind me. Breathing down my neck. A hand caressing my thigh. A whisper.


He turns me around and I’m now face to face with an absolute Adonis, so breathtakingly handsome, I wobble on my legs.

He wraps his arms around me and slides them down to shamelessly fondle my arse and I giggle at the sensation.

“You have a beautiful smile.” he whispers.

And the dance begins. We move around the floor, in a perfect duet of filth. He pulls me close and grinds into me. I can feel him getting hard, and I can feel me getting wet.

The night, so filled with promises. When we move, we are fire.


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  1. Stranded

     /  November 1, 2011

    Locked eyes and beautiful smiles always get me…nice…


  2. Oh Jilly this is really very good. You created a lovely scene in my head and then left me to explore it alone….I like that.



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