Day 1, part 2

1.669 words, so I reached my goal for today. I’m quite pleased, although I might just hop on there again and finish this scene. I find it quite exciting writing a masturbation scene, and it’s a male one, which I haven’t done before.

The character in question is Finn, the geeky teacher bloke. I’ll give you a little preview in this excerpt.

After spending the entire night toasting Sally’s new act and eating strawberries, Finn stumbled home in a daze. He knew that he was in love with her, despite only meeting her tonight. He undressed and crawled under the covers of his bed, not wanting anyone to see what he was about to do, although he was alone in the house.

He had been sporting a budding erection for most of the night, and was quite surprised that he was able to hide it from his friends. But now, he ached for release and could wait no longer.

Re-reading this, the flow of the scene doesn’t seem right. I don’t know, it’s not sitting right with me. But I’ll just see how the rest of this goes.

So, on to other business! I told you Harry Moomin would be back, and here he is!

He’s perched on my printer this time. For the people who missed out on his introduction, Harry is my official NaNoWriMascot. He watches over my speedy fingers.

So, on to day two, which commences in a good 19 minutes. Good luck, Nanites!

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