In the Darkness

She resides between darkness and light, forever balancing on the thin spun wire between the two sides.

In the light, there is life, love and the debauchery she has been craving for since the first time she touched herself at age eightteen. She can see the faces and the places and she knows that she belongs there. She can see him, but not his face. Just a handsome body with no name, forever changing appearance.

In the darkness, there is nothing. Any compassion the people in the light felt for her is gone and she sits alone, in a corner, rocking back and forward.

She is scared of the noise in her brain, the contradictions and the lies her mind spins for her forever confusing.

The hags and sprites that dance around her want different things. The hags want her mind, her sanity and her creativity. The sprites want to give her more.

She lies to herself that she is fine, but really she isn’t. The love she gets is overwhelming, but her brain makes her incapable of relishing for once in the attention she screamed out for, years upon years.

She is haunted by memories of past and recent years, crushed by the illusions her mind spins for her.

She hates. And yet she loves with an unfaltering passion that is scaring her every fibre. She knows she can’t. But the sweet desire is too much.

The day that she escapes from the darkness is yet to come.

And all the while, her writing suffers.

The voice that calls her in the darkness is getting fainter.

She can only make up three little words.

Dare. To. Write.

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  1. My skin tingles with the raw beauty… a wonderfully deep sharing so thank you… done well and I know it was hard x

  2. Reminds me of the old Nick Cave line about writer’s block, ‘And my Piano, crouched in the corner of the room, with all it’s teeth bared’


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