TMI Deluxe

Busy on the NaNovel again. I wrote my first proper M/M scene, which fills me with glee, because it’s actually quite good. But, on to business. In lieu of decent blog fodder, let us play a game of TMI Tuesday. The theme is…

Conspicuous Luxury

1. Do you have a set of dishes that are used for special occassions (e.g. china)? Yes or no. If yes, how often do you use the special dishes?
a. any day because every day is special
b. once a week
c. only for holidays and celebration
d. never, it is displayed in a china cabinet or collecting dust in a box in the attic

Nope. We just have dishes. Why would we need china? Why would we need special dishes? They’d just get fucked up in our kitchen….

2. Do have clothes that you never wear because you are saving them for a special occasion? What is that item of clothing? What would be the appropriate occasion?

I have clothes that I only wear to Erotic Meet, like the shmexy jumpsuit I wore last time, or the very ill-fitting red dress I wore the first time.

Aiming for a short blue dress with stockings next time.

3. If you suddenly became very wealthy, which servants would you employ?
a. cleaning service
b. housekeeper
c. cook
d. valet/maid/lady-in-waiting
e. chauffeur
f. dog-walker
g. other

G. A person or persons that will cater to my every sexual need. In fact, I do have someone in mind, don’t know if you know him….

It’s this guy. He might look familiar… :p

4. If you were wealthy, how many homes would you own? Where? (locations–mountains, tropical places for the winter, foreign country/city)

I would own a ranch in Australia’s outback. I would tend to many animals and they will all be cute and such. Also, I would have hot cowboy-like drovers live on the ranch next to me. They will also be brothers. Also, my life would be full of hot Australian men.

And yes, in my head, my life is an episode of McLeod’s Daughters.

5. If you were going to take on a really expensive hobby, which of these would it be?
a. buy an airplane
b. buy a yacht
c. buy a small winery
d. raise exotic animals

The small winery sounds lovely. But really, I’d love to raise something kooky. Like meerkats or sloths or something.

6. What kind of car would you buy if you had an unlimited budget?
a. expensive sports car
b. luxury car
c. monster truck
d. expensive hybrid or electric car
e. cheap car (I’d be too nervous driving an expensive car).
f. something for the chauffeur to drive me around in

I would buy an Audi R8. Because it’s just sex on wheels. Jason drives one and he’s sex on legs, so, really obvious. My logic doesn’t win me awards or such, but I like it. Deal with it.

Bonus: Currently, what is your favorite luxury item or decadent thing that you do?

Luxury item would be my laptop, seeing as I haven’t had the cash or the gall to purchase one of them luxury Lelo vibrators. (GIGI, ONE DAY YOU SHALL BE IN MY VAG!!! AAAAAARHAHAHAHA!!!)

Decadent thing I do? I’m not decadent. I do call my wanks quite decadent. Don’t know why.

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  1. Great work on your NaNovel! We are enjoying keeping up with your progress on Twitter. I have no idea what Erotic Meet is, but it sounds like fun and if we were closer we’d love to attend. Your ranch sounds like it would be a fun place to visit especially with so many hot Australian men around. We are also very interested in Lelo’s vibrators, although we’ve yet to actually buy one. As you said, one day! Also, masturbation is very decadent and indulgent. Great answer! I don’t know how neither of us listed that as a decadent activity we enjoy.


    • Thanks Jill! Twitter is my vent-space on this thing, so I’m glad it’s there.
      Erotic Meet is a social event and network site for erotic creatives (bloggers, poets, writers, performers,…). If you ever make it to London, I’d be happy to take you both with me.
      My ranch would be awesome. Seriously.
      I’ve asked one for my birthday. If I can get a GIGI, that would be awesome. Never thought I’d be asking a vibrator for my 21st birthday though!
      Masturbation is my ultimate luxury 🙂

  2. kazigrrl

     /  November 8, 2011

    I’m NaNo’ing as well… the story’s just flowing this year, gotta love it! Other years it was pure Hell!

    Love your in-your-face answers 🙂
    We both seem to love strapping men 😀

    ~Kazi xxx

    • A good strapping man never did anyone harm 🙂

      I’m diving into different scenes to get my wordcount up. So far it’s working.

      And when am I ever not in – your- face 🙂

  3. An Erotic Meet? Have me a bit curious as to what that is myself.
    Great choice on Australia, it is on my list of places as well, from the Great Barrier Reef to the rain forests and the deserts what an incredible place.

    • Hiya Southern Sir

      It’s a social for erotic creatives. So, photographers, writers, poets and all that.

      Australia is my dream 🙂

  4. Seems that somebody is obsessed with a certain somebody 😉


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