Watch Us Watch You

In the early hours of this morning, I discovered something about my sexuality. Something that fascinates me to no end. I’m not quite sure where it came from.

You see, I like to watch.

Not watching television or a movie or anything.

I like watching people fuck. I like watching people masturbate. I like watching sex.

Might be a weird trait for a 20-year old virgin, but fuck it. I’m not exactly ashamed of it. My favorite thing to watch is a man masturbating. I like the moans. The facial expressions. The speeding up of the fist wrapped around a hard cock. All of it gets me aroused.

Having now watched a befriended couple put on a show for me on MSN, I can rest assured in the fact that I love watching sex too. I’ve never smiled so much as I did last night. Well, maybe after being kissed…

It has made me realize that the urge for sexual contact is continuously rising in me. When I got the kiss, the touches that came with it felt quite nice, and I realized that I wanted so much more of that.

I miss intimacy in my life. I miss sex in my life. And most of all, something that I also realized as recently as today, I miss somebody lying next to me in bed.

Because really, I need someone to blurt out the random shit that comes up in my brain at that time of night. And not make fun of me because of that.

I like being a voyeur. Scrap that, I bloody love it.

I do, however, hate that I’m a bit of a hypocrite. I never reciprocate. I never bare muff on cam, or indulge in some frigging in front of a willing crowd. I always keep my composure and masturbate later on, when I’m so wet, I leave a stain on my sheets.

One day, I’ll reciprocate. I’ll make someone very happy by putting on a show for them. But not now. I haven’t the courage.


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  1. When you’ve got the courage, we’d gladly be voyeurs.

  2. If I can do it, you can 😉 Try anonymous first. Glad MSN was a good connection last night.

  3. Courage will come I am sure. I must admit, A year ago I was a yoyeur now I love to be watched!

  4. Hon, you can watch me anytime! (In fact, we should do that.) And if/when you ever feel like reciprocating, that’s all good – I’m already totally delighted that you’re taking photos of your cunt and sharing them with the world – I am so damned proud of you that you are proud of yourself, you know?

    xx Dee


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