Ecstasy in the little things

I seek ecstasy in the little things in life. It’s a habit I learned from years of not masturbating and living like a sexless boarding school hermit.

Desserts give me an unprecedented form of this ecstasy. The simple pleasure in breaking open a chocolate moelleux is one I treasure. Watching the chocolate flow out is quite sexual.

Certain words and sentences make me quiver too. Schadenfreude is one of them. I get enormously aroused when it’s used right.

Intelligence is another one. An unrivalled aphrodisiac.

And other little things get me going too.

Softness. Delicate things, touches. Rythm. Movement. Cadence.

And accents. Accents always get me in the end.

I’m hopeless. A sapiosexual, keen on masturbating to every last bit of intelligence thrown her way.

But the little things give me strength. I held on to them for years and big things came my way. I can now find ecstasy in my own body, in the touches and tastes of others, as well as I can find ecstasy in reading a good book.

I hope this made sense.

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