Lost for inspiration. I know the feeling all too well by now. Especially with this NaNovel I’m working on. Tonight started out quite horrific. I felt completely blocked.

So what was I to do other than trawl the NaNo forums for inspiration. And I did find it. In the most incredible place.

There was a link to a site called rainymood.com , which is basically a site with the sound of rain playing.

It inspired me enormously. So much that I’m still listening to it. It got me over the 11k mark on The Candy Lads.

Rain can be enormously sexual.

Think about it. What could be more arousing than raindrops falling on your naked skin, the heat in your body cooled momentarily by a wonderful storm.

Or heat brewing with the sound of the rain violently clashing against the pavement? The arousal rising as you feel the urge to be taken and to scream your heart out whilst the storm roars above you?

Or long, slow, languid lovemaking, with the window open and the delectable cold and humidity from outside drifting in.

Options are endless.

Water is a fetish of mine. Being emerged in water makes me feel weightless. It’s oddly relaxing.

Masturbating in water is something I’ve only tried once though. Wasn’t a nice experience.

I’d love to fuck in a swimming pool or a jacuzzi. Jacuzzi especially. Just to feel the bubbles and the scented water and just drifting… I imagine it would be blissful.

I think water is sexual. But then again, I see sex in almost everything. The whipped cream on top of a Belgian Waffle. The smell of old and new books. A campfire. Fresh, crisp sheets.

All sexy in their own way.

Think about it.

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  1. Having sex in the rain is really nice; amps up the romance and sexuality. A Jacuzzi is okay, but I’m not a big fan of the bubbles; they can get kind of distracting actually. And sex in a pool, especially if it’s public, it awesome. There is a risk involved that makes it all the more sexy. If I can make a suggestion? Try running a warm bath, maybe some rain sounds running in the background, and if you have a water proof toy, enjoy! 😉


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