Let Me Be

Let me be your cigar.

Linger on your lips and breathe me in.

Smoke me.

Let me be a string in your guitar.

Strum me to the tip of arousal and let the notes rip from my very core.

Play me.

Let me be your bedsheets.

Lie on me. Touch my skin of silk.  

Cover yourself in me.

Let me be the whispers in your ear.

Let me be the stem of your wineglass that you finger so eagerly.

Let me be a particularily interesting page in a book that you can’t stop reading over and over again.

Let me be your day.

Let me be your night.

Let me be your everything.


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  1. Hot reading – and win for the Milo Manara pic!

    xx Dee

    • Thank you! Was a little niggle in my brain that I felt needed expanding. And Milo Manara is amazing! Thanks for sort of introducing me to him 🙂


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