Formspring Follies TMI

This week, TMI Tuesday goes all Formspring on us. Not that I’m complaining or owt.

Play here.


Formspring Follies

Today’s TMI Tuesday consist of Formspring questions pulled from around the Web. The NY Times called Formspring “An E-vite to Insults and Crude Queries.” I admit, I pulled the tame, less crude questions.

1. What is your favorite type of weather?

I like it when it’s sunny. Not full-on summer sun, but the one in spring. Just warms my heart and soul.

2. How do you sustain the motivation and energy needed to write erotica regularly?

I have no idea. I just write, I think. There’s that little voice in my head that says that I have to write.

Plus, I bloody love doing it. I can get so lost in my stories.

3. Do you like roleplay? What is your favorite scenario?

I don’t do roleplay. Not that I wouldn’t be averse to it, but I don’t know…

4. Have you ever been hurt so badly in a past relationship, that it has affected you for the rest of your life?

Yes. And I don’t feel like elaborating.

5. What message would you want to put in a fortune cookie?

Inspired by a good friend of mine: “C’est La Guerre.”

6. How big is your dick?

12 inches long, why do you ask?

I don’t even have a dick! And if I had one, I wouldn’t answer in any other way than utterly sarcastic.

Bonus:  I would like to know, do you have Formspring on your blog? Why or why not?

I have one, but nobody uses it! I like being asked questions. It makes me think about who I really am.

Bonus, bonus: What is the best or oddest formspring question you’ve been asked? What was your answer?

So far, none.

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  1. We like your answer to #1. And regarding your answer to #2, we have no idea how you do it but we’re glad you do. Your dick sounds impressive. You should do porn. 😉


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