Sexual at 6am

You would think that staying up till 6 am, and even later, would render someone completely incapable of producing a coherent sentence, let alone masturbate.

Yeah, not me.

I engaged in some flirty words with a friend this morning. Combined with a hint of Queer Porn Tube, it was enough to drive me utterly batty.

On this occasion, I felt a strong need to finger my g-spot. Which I did. And it was completely worth it. It felt quite intense and the strain it put on my fingers was quite bad, but I carried on for some time, until my hand was in danger of dropping off and walking out on me.

Rock Chick came into play, despite not having a reputation for making me come like a nutter. But I found a decent angle. And I came like a nutter. I don’t quite remember how I did it though.

No squirting, but still, a fucking awesome orgasm. And at least I’m now positive about where my g-spot is. And, always good, I was too worn out to squeeze in a second orgasm, like I normally do these days.

These second orgasms are so different. Like being on the fastest rollercoaster in the world and plunging down.

I knew it was intense last night. I screamed into my pillow. Several times. Fuck, I sounded like an animal.

At one point, a genius idea crossed my mind. I’m asking a Lelo Ella for my birthday.

After all of that, my mind was blissfully empty. So empty that I fucking slept till 4.30 pm. Yeah, that was quite failtacular.

 (artwork by Milo Manara, from the Tumblr of Curvaceous Dee)

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