Dream On

Can you feel a little love?

The cool autumn air drifts through the open window. It’s amazing what it can do for two heated bodies. He is still breathing erratically, beads of salty sweat pearling down his luscious chest.

I stare at his ceiling. White, Spartan decorating, without any frills. He’d only just moved in.

I close my eyes trying to concentrate on processing that last orgasm, but the adrenaline is still coursing through my body. It seems to be centered in my very core, radiating out to my wet cunt, still throbbing from the pounding only moments before.

Depeche Mode plays on his stereo. The bass seems connected to the rythm of my heart.

I feel his head resting on my shoulder, his breathing now calmed down. I stroke his hair, pressing a kiss to the top of his head.

He tries to speak, but all that comes out is silent laughter, in which I join him. So sweet to be together, even if only for a night.

My lover. Crossed borders to see me, to be close to me. And now that we are close at last, I can’t help wondering if this is only a fever dream.

“Your cunt is exactly how I remembered it. Warm and inviting for more.” he chuckles.

I sigh contented and say, “God, I missed your crazy post-orgasmic talk.”

Not a dream.

But blissful reality on a chilly October night.

Dream on….

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