The desire to be loved and cherished and to be a part of someone has never been greater.

The desire for a physical connection is burning.

I’ve never felt more under pressure to satiate these desires. My body is screaming out.

There is also a desire to do something wild. To do something I really want without having people judge my every decision.

I’ve considered more writing projects. After getting a story accepted (and yes, I did get my first acceptance letter recently), I wanted more. But I feel ridiculously marred by myself. I feel like my own worst enemy.

Another thing I’ve seriously considered is becoming involved in the queer porn community. It’s a desire I can’t seem to voice anywhere else than this blog, it seems. I know that my mum will probably tell me that I should do what makes me happy, but I can’t seem to vocalize my want for being wanton.

I want to become involved in a sex education project. I want to give people the education I never had and inform the youth about sex in the right way.

And I want to start something big on this blog. A project, a thing, something that makes people excited about their own bodies and sexuality.

I have desires for a man I know, one I shall call The Poet.

I have the desire to escape.

I have a lot.

I just don’t know how to get it.

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