So Much Better When You’re Naked


I’ve had problems with my naked self. I can’t stay naked for too long, because I get incredibly embarrassed. Wobbly bits, and all that.

But I think I took a massive step tonight.

For reasons known to me, I got naked in front of someone nice. Not in person, mind.

And I actually wanted it. I wanted to be naked, wobbly bits and all. Pussy out and wet, wanking, gloriously naked.

After I said goodbye to that nice person, I stayed naked, and I had no qualms about it. In fact, it was the most fun I’ve ever had whilst fully naked. Which is really a testament to the fact that I haven’t had sex yet.

But really, I should get naked more often. It’s difficult, due to me still living at home, but I’d love to be more naked in my room. I was naked in my hotel room for a brief moment, but I so didn’t mind.

D’you know, people should get naked more often. There is so much fun to be had whilst naked. There is, of course, sex and masturbation whilst naked, which is incredibly fun.

But really, why not just go about your day naked? If you’re guaranteed to be alone throughout the day, or in the company of your lover, why not spend it in the nuddy?

Do the dishes. Naked.

Cook. Naked (but careful).

Sit and watch a movie. NAKED!

My word, how did I get so comfortable naked? In truth, I feel enormously self-conscious. I’ve already gone and put my clothes back on, just because I feel quite rubbish.

But I never expected that being naked is fun. My skin felt so soft and the scent of my juices on my fingers was quite something divine.

In retrospect, I should have gotten naked sooner. ‘S good fun, that.

Of course, it helped that I’m covered in an enormous and very warm duvet. Bloody freezing, it is!

I’m still daring you to get your kit off and send a picture of it for my upcoming birthday. Maybe… I’ll get my kit of in exchange?

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  1. Mark Walker

     /  November 26, 2011

    I agree being naked can be great fun. Sharing it with a partner even better. Bit cold for it in this part of the world at the moment. Roll on the summer months again xxx

  2. We love being naked and sometimes take off our clothes as soon as we walk into the house. We’ve all got wobbly bits. Most of us wish we looked better naked, even if our audience disagrees. Being naked can be fun, exhilarating and, freeing. We hope that the nice person who enjoyed your lovely display appreciated your nakedness as much as we would. Congratulations on taking this very bold first step!

  3. Erotic Moonbeam

     /  November 26, 2011

    Like Jack and Jill, as soon as I walk in the door the clothes come off. I sleep naked, clean naked, write naked… The door bell ringing always results in panic… The children are quite used to my nudity and Mr.Beam spends a lot of time naked too.

    And wobbly bits? I have loads 😦 wish I didn’t and perhaps I will do something about it soon, I’m always saying I will… but y’know, life is full of nice things to eat and exercise sucks (and not in a good way) a lot of them are due to my age *grimace* darn ‘middle age’ 😉 I can’t blame that really I’m just lazy…

    Spend more time naked, get to know your body and listen to how it moves and feels, there is nothing like a chilled breeze on your skin to let you know you are alive!


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