Things That Happen

I said I regretted not being able to tell all about what’s going on with my dad. But I can’t keep this just for me anymore.

As of late, my dad is not the man he used to be. He forgets everything, even what day it is, is physically ill and prone to crying, and is generally confused.

It is getting increasingly harder to cope with his behavior, and it is weighing on my every last sense.

@Hungry_Joe asked me this morning if I ever sleep. The answer, surprisingly, is yes. My sleep takes place during the day, when I collapse from fatigue and stress. Yesterday, after our trip to Brussels, I went to bed for a nap, and woke up at 11.30 pm. I’ve been working ever since. If you wonder how I keep up, well, so do I.

The three of us had a fight this morning. Mum had let slip that dad seemed jealous about what I had achieved, and dad lost his shit. He keeps talking about suicide, he keeps twisting the truth when talking to his mother and the list goes on and on.

I’m worn out.

But yeah, that’s just how it goes these days, at Boyd Stately Manor.

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  1. I recall wondering if you ever sleep as well. Glad to hear you have a system at least. 🙂

    It’s awful when a parent or other figure we should look up to demonstrates qualities that make us question why we ever did in the first place. The deterioration that your father is going through sounds harrowing, not just for you but for him as well. We hope that everything turns out okay, but regardless bear in mind that you’ve nothing to feel guilty for. You are presumably doing what you need to do in order to be happy, and what’s more, you are succeeding at it. Ultimately that will be all that matters. Persevere, because you will get through this, and hopefully be well-served by the experience.


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