Case of the Mondays

I fell asleep on my bed at 5 pm last night. And I woke up at 1 am. Just goes to show how rubbish this weekend was, apart from the new vibrator.

So, Monday now. And I’ve got a massive case of the Mondays. I started two new shorts yesterday, and I can’t seem to focus on more wordage. However, there are plans budding on a car sex themed anthology between me and a few friends, which sounds like an excellent challenge to take up.

Dad is going to the neurologist today, so we might soon get answers on his condition. He’s been riling up my grandmother again, telling her that we don’t like him and that we want him out of our house. I can’t stand when he does that. My grandmother is fiercely protective of him, and will get mighty angry when he says stuff like that.

So, I haven’t reported back on the vibrator yet?

Well, there are three speeds: quick, insanely quick and clit-numbingly quick. Of course, only clit-numbingly quick can get me where I want. Long story short, my cunt actually hurt afterwards. And I had an incredible orgasm. Which my mum heard. We had a laugh about it, and she told me she didn’t mind.

I am still considering doing something in queer porn. The idea of modelling for No Fauxxx in particular has kindled an interest in me. I don’t know why I want to do queer porn, though. Other than that I love it and that I’m keenly interested in getting it further out there where it belongs.

The Poet and I have been exchanging saucy messages. We want each other. Badly. If only I could just teleport to London.

Actually, that would be cool. Like in Charmed, orbing towards wherever you want to be.

I can’t face Christmas. It’s like that one thing that’s keeping me from January and another month of Erotic Meet madness. I want to conk out on the couch and watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show over and over again until after the New Year.

I hope my dad doesn’t forget my lovely queer porn film. I’ll repeat IT HAS JIZ LEE IN IT. THEY’RE HOT!

I’m over my feelings of patricide from the weekend. Now, it’s just annoyance. I’m not getting into his car any time soon without a fully charged i-Pod.

So, let me continue on my Monday. At least this day didn’t start with an argument.

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