I remember the pink bow in her hair, her innocent smile as she first turned to me, age 7. Russet cheeks, silky smooth perfect hair. And those eyes. My god, those eyes.

I’d been in love with Jenna Raynor ever since.

Through the good, the bad… and today, the downright terrible.

Her mother called me this morning, in a panic. Jenna had been bleeding. 2 months pregnant.

Arriving in the hospital, I prayed that it wasn’t true. That Jenna hadn’t lost the one thing she had longed for, for years.

But when I walked in to her room, and found her, lying there with violent tear stains on her face, I knew it had happened.

She said nothing when I took her hand in mine. Just stared ahead into the vast nothingness of the ugly hospital room. It stayed that way for several hours.

“Will you…” she whimpered suddenly. I turned to her, never taking my hand off hers.

“Will you make me smile?” she pleaded softly.

I thought for a moment, considering things that I knew could make the corners of her mouth spring up in joy.

“Remember when that new television exploded all over your flat?” I said, hoping that she’d remember and laugh as much as she did that day. She tried her best to smile, but she was hurting so much, and for a moment, I thought I’d never see that most enchanting look on her face again.

“When the parrot bit through the cord?” she whispered. “And nearly got electrocuted?”

A small, cheeky smile formed on her cherub face. And I knew instantly that Jenna would be the same again. It would take time, but the innocent girl, with the naughty streak and the bow in her hair would be back.

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