Under Pressure

I’m not quite sure when I first heard of Freddy Mercury. I was too young (a wee baby) when he died, so I didn’t learn about him till later on in life. When I found out he died of this thing called AIDS, I was quite scared. I mean, if a simple disease can swipe down a mighty god like Freddy, what could it do to me?

For a long time, I was scared of catching it through dirty needles. I admit, I was really uninformed on the subject and a downright germophobe. And afraid of dying, no less. That was and is still a big deal.

I became downright weird about sitting down on public benches, afraid a wayward needle was waiting on it to sting me. In my first boarding school, I got to know a lovely young lady and we were quite good friends. When I heard she was HIV positive, I’m ashamed to say that I became quite scared of her. All for the simple reason that I was so keen on this thing called living.

I’m 21 next week, and decidedly better informed on the subject, but still feel like I don’t know enough. There is so much to learn about HIV/AIDS and, for that matter, sex in general. I’m eager to learn. And I’m scared to learn.

In the course of the coming week, I’m pleased to announce that Lady Laid Bare is having its first guest poster over. I got to chatting with a young lad who recently found out he’s HIV positive, and I’m keen to know his story and for you to all read it. If you can’t wait for it, go follow @UKPositiveLad on Twitter. He’s dead nice and I’m sure he’ll answer your questions gladly.

Meanwhile, as the memory of my hero Freddy, and so many others who have succombed to this illness lives on, I will take this opportunity to ask you lovely people a special favor.

Get tested regularily and have lots of sexy, but very safe sex. Use a condom, because, although they might not look like it, they’re quite the lifesaves, them little buggers.

And remember the ones who made a difference. Remember the ones who stood up for themselves and remember the ones we have lost to AIDS. Freddy would want it. Everyone would want it.

Be safe.

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  1. Bravo for talking about this, Jilly – and for talking about your responses (no matter how uninformed they seem now) as you were growing up. We’ve all been there.
    My brother died from AIDS last year. Please. Please Stay Safe, get tested, and have fun in your life as you make the most of it! We’ve only got one.

    xx Dee


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