Dirty XXXMas Day 2

Today, I give you the gift of a flash fuck. Hope you enjoy!

The Secret Nympho and the Satyr

Lying on his bed. Finally. He’d been just a fantasy up until the moment he picked me up from the station. At that moment, he became tangible. Real.

I watched as the Satyr rummaged through his drawers, trying to find what was possibly a condom. His impatience was quite funny to watch and only confirmed that he was as desperate to fuck me as I was desperate to fuck him.

When he finally found one, and held it in the air with a triumphant cry of “YES!”, my stomach fluttered with excitement and nerves. I couldn’t believe that the Satyr was even more handsome in real life as he was in his pictures. And I also couldn’t believe that his cock was even thicker, fuller and more gorgeous right before me in the glorious flesh.

I watched, as he sheathed himself and crawled back onto the bed, on top of me. He smiled at me, as if to ask if I was ready for something I’d been anticipating for months. I smiled back. As my “It’s ok”.

With careful precision, the Satyr slid himself into my wet pussy. It was a weird feeling. My first time, after all. But the longer he stayed there, the more he thrusted, groaned, kissed, sucked, fucked me…. the more I got used to the idea of sex.

And when, after slowly fucking me dizzy, my orgasm hit me, I knew that from that day on, I would be ruined for cock.

He was just that good.

So, I hope you enjoyed this little story. It’s not based on reality, but it was just something on my mind.

Join me tomorrow for the third day of Dirty XXXmas Day 3, and in the meanwhile, go read my other posts. They’re ever so much fun!

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  1. Hot stuff and perfectly captures the idea of what it must be like meeting someone you have been flirting with for the first time.


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