I had quite the day yesterday. It was truly awesome. I mean, I don’t know what to pick that’s more awesome? Finally being able to write a decent anal sex scene? Writing an article for Life on the Swingset? Or, perhaps, dirty chat with Mr Cooper Beckett…

In all fairness, that was all wicked and awesome.

But the absolute highlight of my top day came in the early throws of the night.

I told you about Grey, right?

The full name of this clit-numbing, core-shaking vibrator is the Sasha Grey Hidden Pleasures vibe. I usually add “from the Pirates tie-in line of products”, for good measure.

Although I had mentioned on Twitter that I wasn’t in the right mood for masturbation, I couldn’t help myself. I mean, how could you refuse to masturbate with a vibrator that might some day actually vibrate your clit off? It’s like The Night of Masturbating Dangerously. It’s WELL EXCITING.

I took Grey out of its box, and turned it on high (because, what else). The moment it hit my clit, I nearly burst out of my own skin.

Squirming, writhing, trying to keep myself from screaming my own head off. It was like riding a rollercoaster backwards. And upside down.

I vaguely remember trying to bite my duvet in order not to scream. This incredible warmth filled my body, and I tried my best keeping my breathing under control, willing my arousal to all extremities of my burning body. And it actually worked. I could feel it in my chest, I could feel it in my fingers… everywhere.

Aroused to the point of manic, I inserted Grey and started frigging myself until I could no longer produce actual sounds. When I came, it was the most satisfactory thing I had ever experienced.

And I wanted more. I felt like a greedy slut at that moment. And I quite enjoyed it.

The second orgasm was a quick, but oh so very intense one. And one that knocked me out for a third one.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cooper for giving me the horn. And to thank the Sasha Grey Hidden Pleasures vibe for… you know, existing.

Here’s to orgasms. May they never stop.

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