Dirty XXXmas Day 3

A hot kiss for Christmas. Enjoy!

The hot water ran down my body and I let out a shiver at the first contact with my naked and shivering skin. There was no greater pleasure than a hot shower on a windy and rainy Autumn morning.

I lathered up, the soap’s rosy scent filling the confined space. As I took in a deep breath, I could hear the bathroom door opening. By the way he moved alone, I could tell it was Simon. The rustle of his clothes being shed made me smile, and I knew that, in an instant, he would knock on the shower door and ask me if he could perhaps join me.

And, indeed there was a swift knock on the glass door.

“Ada? Can I come in? It’s bloody freezing here!”

I opened the door and let in my very naked roommate, slash, boyfriend. He quickly snuck in, breathing out relief when he got under the ray of water.

“Good morning.” I said, chuckling. “Do you want that pink stuff that smells like bubblegum?”

Simon kept silent.


His answer was a long and lingering kiss on my collarbone, that made me yelp in surprise. He carefully turned me around and pressed his lips to mine, greedily devouring my mouth with that positively addicting tongue of his.

His hands slid towards my bum and he buried his nails into the soft, pink flesh, kneading. Needing.

We hadn’t been going out for long, but I already knew one thing. Our showers were an excellent way to start the day.

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  1. Love a sexy shower now and then.


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