A confesión do desexo

I’m your silent pervert.

The one that enjoys lying next to you and wanking whilst you sleep so innocently.

The one that spies on you through the peephole in the door, as you get dressed.

The one who lasciviously drools over the sight of your perfect form.

The secret cum-slut, relishing every spurt of your jizz as I watch you reach your climax whilst you cry out my name.

A woman dreaming of bruised knees and carpet burn, sex in the most peculiar of places.

A woman who shamelessly pleasures herself at night, whilst thinking about her arse being either eaten out or mercilessly flogged by your skillfull tongue and hands.

I am the secret whore who wakes up besides you every morning and goes to bed with you every night.

I am not the one you think I am. For I crave to choke on your cock and peg you with my strap on.

I crave control.

I crave your body.

And I hate it. Hate it… that I can’t have all of you.


Open up for me.

It’s the only way we’ll survive this.

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  1. I love the flow of this piece… & the seedy, sexy tone – I was made to feel like the voyeur of you… -x-

  2. You’re so naughty, and we love it.


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