Lush, a fantasy

This is for @jackandjillclp and @jillandjackcpl, as a thank you for permanently turning me on with their sexiness.


I’d expected a friendly welcome at the airport. A handshake, maybe a kiss and some politeness. After all, the fact that they both wanted to fuck my brains out couldn’t possibly be true…


But from the moment Jack cheekily pinched my bum on the way to the exit, I knew I was wrong.

The ride towards their house was quite agonizing. I couldn’t bring myself to produce a word, due to a surge of nerves through my entire body, that seemed to originate from my cunt. As Jack drove, he talked about the little things, like their daughter and the good weather and such, to make me feel at ease, I guess.

Jill was also trying to make me feel at ease. In an entirely different way. She held my hand and held me close, caressing my hair and whispering naughty things in my ear. She was doing nothing for my resolve to keep my composure on the first day.

Arriving at their house, I felt myself relaxing slightly. It was a beautiful place, and it felt a bit like home away from home. Entranced by the beauty of the neighborhood, I took in the sight, until Jack tapped on my shoulder and got me out of my reverie.

“Hey, are you gonna come in? It’s equally nice on the inside, you know!” he chuckled. “Come on, we’ve got red wine and a whole lot of Doctor Who to watch.”

He pressed a kiss to my cheek and went inside, carrying my bags like the gent he was.

Following him inside, I chuckled too. Something inside was telling me that there wasn’t going to be much Doctor Who-watching tonight…


As the Doctor and his latest companion strode off on another journey through time and space, we toasted to friendship and sex. May the two forever mesh.

I sipped my wine and let out an appreciative moan. The sweet, red liquid teased my lips and I felt myself relaxing. Then I noticed a hand sneaking down my skirt. And another one under my shirt.

Jill cupped my breasts and Jack stroked the inside of my warm thighs, both trying to provoke me into making a move. It was the most amazing thing, being touched by two pairs of hands.

Fuelled by the crimson liquid, and a healthy dose of courage, I put my wine glass aside and kissed Jill full on her luscious lips. I could no longer restrain myself from touching her breasts, and relished the sensation of the soft flesh breaking out in goosepimples at my touch. Making out with a woman, and such a beautiful one at that, proved to be everything I had wanted it to be.

But of course, Mr Jackalope felt left out. He kissed my neck, letting his fingers drift towards the crotch of my panties. I sighed deeply. He wasn’t doing anything specific. But just the feeling of his hand petting me through my knickers was enough to make me shiver in delight.

“Do you want to be fucked?” Jack whispered hoarsely into my ear. “By both of us?”

I moaned against Jill’s lips, and she chuckled.

“Shall we take her to the bedroom, Jack?” she asked, a knowing smile on her face. She stood up and he followed suit, pulling me close and whispering that it was going to be alright.

The couple lead me towards their bedroom. It looked quite cozy, even more so than I had seen whilst camming with them. My stomach fluttered, even more so when Jack kissed me, letting his hand slip under my shirt. I let him take it off, baring my chest and the little scars from my operation. I felt slightly embarrassed, but Jack kissed that all away.

“You’re hot.” he whispered, before reverently kissing my left breast, sucking on the rosy nipple until it grew hard, like a rosebud. I could hear the rustle of clothes behind me and realized that Jill was stripping off, but I couldn’t turn away from Jack’s worshipping of my breasts, by means of his mouth.

A naked Jill pressed herself against me, kissing my neck and my ear. It was almost sensory overload.

Jack sunk down onto the floor and pulled my skirt down, together with my panties. I stepped out of them, and there I was. Naked, save from a mighty uncomfortable pair of fuck-me heels I had bought on a whim.

I didn’t have time to worry. Before I knew it, Jack had buried his face between my thighs and was eagerly licking me, as if he was starved for my cunt. Jill sat down on the bed and watched the whole scene play out with a mischievous grin on her face. Before long, she was touching herself, and I could swear that she wanted me to watch the pleasure she was deriving from her husband eating me out.

I wanted to eat her out. Badly. And I wanted to suck him off. Badly. My urges were overcrowding my senses, and the pleasure of Jack’s tongue was becoming too much.

Looking straight in to Jill’s eyes, I could feel my face contorting in spasms of pleasure. She simply smiled, arching for me so I could see her gorgeous body in full. I felt my climax building and wanted to cry out.

But then… he stopped.

Flabbergasted, I stared down at him. He was smiling like a little demon, and I wanted to smack him for not giving me what I wanted.

But it turned out that he had a plan, one that involved Jill at the head of the bed, me between her legs and Jack fumbling in the drawers of the nightstand to get out a condom.

I’d never been fucked. I’d never eaten a woman out, I’d never done anything besides kissing. I was incredibly nervous.

“Jill, I don’t know how to do this.” I whimpered silently.

“Relax, cutie. Just lick me. Right here.” she said, spreading herself open for me. I swallowed hard and turned to Jack, who was still grinning. He leaned over to me and whispered, “We’re going to make you feel so good. You’ll never want to leave again.”

He crawled onto the bed and positioned himself behind me. Jill smiled again and told me not to worry. With a deep breath, I closed in on her flushed, wet flesh and started licking her delicate folds.

“That’s it, honey. Just like that.” she said, reassuring me that I was at least doing something right. I willed Jack to slide into me, to fill me up with his cock.

And when he finally did, I felt like bursting out of my body.

The air was heavy with the scents and sounds of sex. I could hear Jill’s moans, Jack’s grunts, his cock sliding in and out, faster still, his balls smacking against my arse, the taste of Jill’s pussy… Again, sensory overload.

I had fantasized about this particular scenario for months now. Many a heated masturbation session was made perfect by just the fantasy of skin on skin on skin.

And in real life, it was even better. The friction. The sweat. The arousal.

And it all came to a clash when I made Jill come so hard, she left a wet spot on the sheets. I couldn’t register what happened next. Maybe Jack came first. Maybe I did. Or maybe we came together.

Either way, the climax set me on fire. I had never felt more alive.

Afterwards, after a lot of giggling and dirty talk, I fell asleep, nestled between them. The body heat felt amazing.

And my last thought before I drifted off was that I had a whole week together with them. How bloody brilliant was that?

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  1. Sounds like that would be a fun time. Great writing.

  2. After taking a day to process the awesomeness of being the subject of one of your excellent stories (and to read said story several times), we are now distanced enough to actually comment on it. That you chose to write about us is an incredible honor, one made even better by the fact that the story is unbelievably vivid and sexy. The things you write about appeal as much to us as they do to you, and in the words of a very accomplished erotic fiction writer, one day… we’ll do it. All of it.

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