Dirty XXXmas Day 5

I want him to bite that bottom lip of his. Make it almost bleed. I want to make that man contort in throws of ecstasy, spit profanities off his lips as I suck that throbbing cock of his.

I want to ride him. Ride him like a dirty rotten cowgirl rides her horse off into the sunset.

Sweet fuck, I want to own a piece of him, just for the night.

I want to be a part of him. Ruin him for pussy forever. I want to make him long for me.

Tonight, I’ll take my prize. And wreck him.

A 100 word flash fuck for your fifth day of Dirty XXXmas. Hope you enjoyed.

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1 Comment

  1. I always want that too. The vivid flashes in my mind sometimes make me forget to breathe. It’s a hot desire, that.


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