Dirty XXXmas Day 6



“This pegging thing. Did you like it?”

“Ehm… yeah. Very much so. It was nice when you… did the thing there.”

“Ah, the thing. Right. So..”


“Did it… turn you on, like?”

“I think it did. I was.. quite hard just… yeah, it turned me on. A lot.”

“A lot?”

“A lot. If you don’t mind… Ehm.. Can we do it again?”

“You mean… you liked it?”

“Yeah. I did. Never came so hard.”

“Alright… Get in position! We’re gonna need a whole lot of lube.”

I hope you liked this little conversation. And, from me to you, I’ll entrust you with the fact that I do fantasize about pegging someone occasionally. Happy St. Nicholas!

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  1. flexibeast

     /  December 6, 2011

    Might i be correct in thinking that you’d be interested in pegging a certain actor in particular? πŸ™‚


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