Stop Making Sense TMI

So, as a warm-up for mah birfday, TMI has stopped making sense. What? No, that’s just the title of this weeks meme, silly! Ugh, I’ve already stopped making sense.

So, why don’t you join me? Stop making sense right now! It’ll be so much fun!

1. If you were a car, which one would you be? What are some of your best features?

If I were a car? I’d be a van where people come to shag in!

No, if I were a car, I would be a Ford. Any make that’s fancy. My best features would be my impressive radio, and a little pinetree airfreshner hanging from the mirror.

2. If I gave you an elephant where would you hide it?

In my garden. He would be named Magumbo and I would love him ever so dearly. Yes I will. *nods*

3. Finish this sentence: Tomorrow I absolutely refuse to….

Eat anything other than birthday cake.

4. What is the longest period of time that you’ve gone without a shower?

5 weeks. I know, it’s rank, but our shower head is malfunctioning at the moment. I do wash at the sink though.

5. What is the silliest prank you ever played on someone?

I don’t play pranks. I don’t appreciate them. Ever since I was Rick Roll’d… Nah.

Bonus: What is the best piece of gossip that you heard recently?

I heard that S Club 7 were reuniting… But I can hardly call that the best piece of gossip now, can I?

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  1. Let her eat cake…lots and lots of birthday cake!!!

  2. Hedone

     /  December 6, 2011

    When is your birthday day…oh sorry birfday?

    1. Hahaha…perfect!

    2. cute. I love elephants.

    3. Happy Birfday to you…happy birfday to you…

    4. Whew! Thank goodness you added the wash at the sink part.

    5. I don’t know what Rick Roll’d is…please explain.

    Happy TMI Tuesday oh naked one 🙂


    As always my TMI Tuesday can be found here:

    • Me birfday is in exactly an hour and 12 minutes, my dear!

      Rick Roll’d is quite hard to explain… just when you click on something and instead of getting what you needed, you get a video of Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up. Hence, Rick Roll’d. It’s an internet meme thing. That happened to me about 5 consecutive times. GRRRR.

      Thank you, oh sexy one!

  3. Ford? Really? You do know it stands for ‘Fix Or Repair Daily’, yes?

    And Happy Birthday, hun… may you eat much cake and other yummy stuff! 😀

  4. Happy birthday – cake is good. It sounds like you would be a sweet elephant owner. 5 weeks is a long time!


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