A Feast for the Senses

By know, you all know that the act sex itsself tickles every sense of one’s being.

The sound of flesh slapping together.

The smell of cum and sweat in the air.

The taste of your lover’s lips.

And the sight… the sight of it all. Glorious.

But, inspired by something the Tweeples of SpankingUK posted about things that people find evocative, like smells and sounds, I decided to riff on that.

Cos really, sex is everywhere. It’s in the sights and sounds and smells and tastes of the world around us.

Think about it.

Sex is everything and everywhere.

It’s there when you warm your lover’s hands and feet on a cold day.

When you walk through the sand on a beach.

In the sound of the ocean.

The cadence of the voice of your favorite singer.

In your lover’s accent.

As much in the smell of herbs and spices as in the smell of baby oil and the terse leather of a flogger.

The taste of a hearty meal.

It’s all there. We live and breathe sex with all our senses.

And how does this all apply to me?

What do I find particularily evoking?

Well, there is a certain song. By a certain group. And it evokes memories of my first kiss.

The smell of leather makes me giddy. Don’t know why.

Words that remind me of conversations I had make me shiver. “Pussy”. “Cock”. All those and more.

God, thinking of that last one just gave me shivers..

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  1. Brilliant. I agree wholeheartedly, which is why, I think, I get so disappointed in people who are sexually stuffy, or prudes, for lack of a better word. Sex IS everywhere, we all do it, none of us would be here without it, so why ignore it, why pretend it doesn’t exist? Embrace it, I say! Love it, do it, talk about it, explore it, find it in the everyday. I imagine these people would be a lot happier if they did.


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