Birthday Belles and Bellos

So… I’d like to dedicate this post to everyone who was kind enough to drop me a… well an anything for my birthday. I haven’t got a picture of myself to give yet though. So bear with me.

Here follows a list of thank yous.


For sending me a picture of your absolutely lovely cock, and being the first to respond, thank you!

Ms Wyeth Bailey

Your lovely legs made my day. And for that, I thank you.

Cooper Beckett

You absolutely naughty person who I never want to stop being naughty. Thanks for the little clip!

Innocent Loverboy

Many a good moment will be spent with the film clip you sent me. Thanks love!


Cor, you’re hot! And you have the most lovely reading voice, so thanks for that clip and the seriously sexy pic.

Jack and Jill

Thanks for everything 🙂


Thanks for knowing that I’m a total tit-woman 😀


Wow. If that tape was an actual thing, I’d lock myself in my room with it. And.. yeah, never leave it, I guess! Thanks!


Rockin’ the boyshorts! Thanks love! Today, we take over Twitter, tomorrow Wales!


You know I can’t resist that gorgeous pussy of yours. And my name, written on your thigh, of course. Thanks to you and DomSigns for being such wonderful friends!

Liza Bennet

What a wonderful, touching and tender story! I hope to be your friend for a long time to come and that you will continue to inspire Tim and Jem’s adventure in the new year.

Annie Player


Just saying.


Thanks for what you sent me. It was appreciated, mulled upon and will be stocked in my brainbox for further use in certain situations.

Also… my God, man. You’re hot.


Thanks for the pictures! You and the Minch make an irresistible two-some. And more coherent thoughs will be possibly sent to your inbox when I can think of them.

Thanks to you and your girl for being AWESOME by the way.

Curvaceous Dee

*tacklesnoghugkisspetsmoochlick* Who can resist a girl who pleasures herself with my name on her finger…

And thanks for the Minch clip! You, me and Smutty should start a Minch fan club.


I’m sorry, I’m just slightly blinded by the absolutely gorgeous breasts in front of me. And one of them has my name on it!

Thanks love!

Yummy (featuring YSL)

And finally, to the deviantly sexy lady who started this all, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And to YSL too for having a delicious cock. And, you know, being an angel and that.

For all of you, plus everyone who wished me a happy birthday on Twitter, plus Brooke Magnanti, my heroine who wished me a happy birthday and a happy St. Nicholas, plus everything and everyone, plus Minch for exsisting, plus Charlie Glickman for possibly reading my previous post…

Thank you. You are the beats that make my heart go. My heros.

To close off this post, I want to introduce you to another one of my heros.

April Flores. She’s Delicious with a capital D.



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  1. You’re welcome, I was happy to share 🙂

    And thanks for the compliment!


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