Dirty XXXmas Day 7


And for my birthday, I’d like to present you with my biggest hero in the whole round globe. Be in awe of him. I command you.

I don’t know when my love affair with Stephen Fry started, really. I think there was a moment where I watched so much QI I thought my brain was going to burst from the amount of knowledge that was being pumped in to it.

Knowledge is a huge part of my life. I like learning about things, memorizing even the most trite of fact just so I can whip it out at a moment’s notice. I may not know much about the Pythagorean theorem, but fuck it, I know the word that rhymes with “orange”.

In the last 10 months, my knowledge about sex has both served me well and grown exponentially. Ten months ago, I couldn’t tell you for fuck where my g-spot was, and now… yeah, well know I can. Ten months ago, I had no clue what a good vibrator was, and now I know.

Long story short, cos I can name shit like that for the rest of my day, I learned a heck of a lot in the last ten months. And I deem knowledge to be a very important thing in sex.

Knowledge about sex makes you a Very Informed Shagger. Or VIS (which coincidentally is the Dutch word for “fish”, but let’s not get into that).

If I can teach just one of you something about sex and sexuality, I’d be as pleased as punch. Of course, I’d be even punchier if I could teach a whole lot of you about a whole lot of things.

So, for the upcoming new year, I’ll make it my mission to edumacate the lot of you.

I want to conquer my future hometown by storm, and get both youths and older people educated about sex these days. The level of sex education is abysmal for youths, and older people have only the knowledge they got from their parents. Meaning that a whole lot of people still think that sex is a very bad thing to do.

If I could change that… change that for one person or maybe 10 people or maybe 100 people…

Good sexual education is necessary. For both the younger and the older generation. And I hope to fuck I change at least a smidge.

Edit: This article appeared on my timeline, and it basically made me go YESSSSSS, because this is what I want!

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