Pushes me

against the wall

Kisses me

urgent, sloppy, hungry

Pulse racing

two hearts throbbing in time

Fumbling fingers

hardness, wetness, ready

Ripping fabric

spreading of legs

Enter, thrust

And thrust and thrust again

Till gasps, groans, grunts

fill the air

His seed spills into me

from my quivering thighs

to the floor

I grab him

scratching hard


Taking breaths

sighs in time

Urgency fulfilled

Are we sated?

Fuck no


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  1. LOVE the last three lines.

    Oh, and hi there. Have missed you. 😉

    • Aw 🙂 I’ve missed you too. Loads and loads. I have so much to tell you, it isn’t healthy.

      And feel free to drop by more often!


  1. Podcast: THE Christmas Podcast | Lady Grinning Soul

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