What the Pink?

So, I’ve been mulling on this for a couple of months now, ever since the onslaught of St. Nicholas and Christmas- related advertising started clogging my mailbox. I’ve tried to find the words for it, but every time I considered what I was about to say, I backed down. Fearing I might come off as an awful person.

But then, Friday came along. And Lori Smith, of Rarely Wears Lipstick managed to put in words exactly what I was thinking. So, it inspired me to vocalize.

Because I’ve had enough.

Open up one of said St. Nicholas themed toy store catalogues, and you are instantly hit with The Divide. By which I mean the “boy” section and the “girl” section. The Pink and Blue Divide.

Because we, as future and present parents, are expected to raise our children according to the norms. Girls should play with toy kitchens, take care of their baby dolls and generally, this is preferred to be done in the color pink. Because pink is nice, pink is princess and girly, and exclusively so, may I add. Girls shouldn’t worry their pretty little heads about doing important things and take care of business at home.

Whilst boys should play with Lego and Action Man and rough it out on bikes, because they are destined to be the provider.

It seems like everything is divided into “Girls do/wear this” and “Boys do/wear that”.

And even as adults, things are divided into the well-known “For Her” and “For Him”. Because, let’s face it, if I were to buy a pink i-Pod and pink headphones, and a pink bag and a pink dress and all that, it should not be out of free will of personal tastes. No, it’s because I’m a woman. Because apparently, only women can like pink. Same goes for men too.

In this insane train of mind, women are incapable of enjoying “male things” like gory thrillers, Sebastian Vettel’s racing skills and video games.

Similarily, men can’t possibly enjoy cocktails, shopping and romantic comedies.

I say fuck that.

Fuck all your gender-centered marketing. Fuck genter-centric thinking! Do you really think you’re going to take better pictures because your camera is in the color your gender specified you to like?

I for one fully support Lori’s idea of gender-neutral accesories.

Because believe it or not, women like other things than shopping. And to end this on a fucking whopper of a bombshell, guess what….

We like porn too.


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  1. Yes! We should start a movement! Boycott gendered nonsense… or something with a snappier name 🙂

  2. I think shops realised that some parents are really, really stupid and it’s a way to sell them more plastic tat.

    Big plastic toys used to be in bright primary colours and when the oldest kid in a family outgrew it it would be passed on to their younger brother or sister, so a company could only sell a family each toy once. If a toy is available in a ‘girly’ colour scheme and a ‘boyish’ colour scheme, then they can make double the money out of a family with kids of both genders if they’re that gullible.

    • When you think about it, it’s all a big marketing scheme. And it’s keeping the genders divided.

      Thanks for weighing in, Catharine 🙂

      • Catharine

         /  December 14, 2011

        I don’t think they even have to market it, really. There have been huge differences between the genders for thousands of years and people still have ideas in their heads of what a man/woman/girl/boy should like and do, and companies just choose to try and make lots of money from it. Like if a toy shop fills an aisle with toy cars, they don’t put up a big sign saying “buy stuff for boys here!” but most people would automatically skip that aisle if they were looking for a gift for a girl.

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