Only Connect

A while ago, I met a truly amazing poet. He goes by the name Inky or Sir Cuffs, and I got the chance to work with him on the short piece that follows. The bold writing is mine. The bold, italicized writing is his. Enjoy.


Only Connect

By Jill Boyd and Sir Cuffs


Standing at the door of his hotel room, I felt the nerves set in. I couldn’t really remember why I agreed to meet him, here and now. It seemed like I needed more time to adjust to the idea of it, get used to what I was about to do with him.

 But there was no time.

 He opened the door, and lead me in without a word, but with a warm smile. I wondered what he was thinking. Was he as nervous as I was?

I took her hand  and lead her in. She looked nervous which made me smile.

Although this was her fantasy I was going to enjoy it just as much.

Without saying a word I walked up behind her and unbuttoned her dress.

She shrugged her shoulders and the silk slid from her curves, revealing such beauty. I was going to enjoy marking this canvas.

I slowly placed a blindfold over her deep brown eyes, closing off one sense, yet heightening others.

There was no sight.

Only sounds, sensations.

The soft, but treacherous rope being tied around my wrists. The sound of a little chuckle coming from him.

Being placed on the bed, gently, but with an urgency.

Face down.

Arse in the air.

Waiting for the first stripe of his best flogger.

Face into the crisp white sheets I waited for the strike that I knew was coming.

I could hear him breathing, slowly, deliberately.


The tails of the flogger collided with my soft flesh.

Searing hot pain ripped through my body, yet a heat began to fill my cunt.

I knew she was wet already. She must have been craving for it.

Craving for the sweet release of white-hot pain and burning pleasure.


A cry. Desperate. But not in pain.


Louder now.

A shiver ran through my body. Was I getting off on this too?

Grabbing a handful of her hair I pulled her head back.

“Don’t make a sound”

Raising the flogger again, I connected with her arse once more, this time a squeak but nothing more.

I smiled.

Striking down over and over her arse was now glowing,  tears streamed down her face, and my work was nearly done.

Although tears were streaming down my face, I felt like I had flown out of my own body. I had never been so relaxed before.

My arse stung, but it felt like relief.

And all the time, I wondered what he was feeling.

If this was an out-of-body experience for him too.


With an almighty roar, the flogger came down on my burning cheeks and I cried out in pain and pleasure and confusion and everything that was going on in my tiny mind at that moment.

And then it was over.

Her flogging over I surveyed her glowing cheeks. Stained red with the whip marks. I was happy.

Without saying a word I ran my fingers along her cunt. She was ready.

Grabbing her hips I slide my now straining flesh into her slick slit.

She groaned loudly as I began to quicken my pace. But this was just more play. Tonight was going to be filled with more firsts. I wanted her arse.

Pulling out my shard glistening with her creamy cum I pushed against her puckered ring.

She looked round and formed words of protest on her sensuous lips, but before a sound could be made I pushed my way in.

She let out a yelp as I held her impaled on my meat, her sphincter stretching to accommodate me.

The exquisite pain of his hard cock inside my arse was something I’d never experienced before.

And that pain, although I was afraid to admit, was fast turning into a pleasure unrivalled by any other thing.

As he thrust into me, his fingers found their way to my cunt, and he began to frig my clit.

The preciceness of his moves had me thinking that he had planned all of this meticulously.

He could have been a cold, calculated bastard of a man, but the way he moved, the way he thrusted into me and made me moan like nothing else had ever made me moan before proved otherwise.

And when I came, it was the epitomy of sweet pain and glorious pleasure.

Before long, I could hear him tense up. Cry out like an animal. His hot seed spilled inside me, and trickled down my thigh onto the duvet.

I lay spent, listening to him breathe behind me. What was his next move, I wondered?

When he crawled into bed with me, and pulled me close for a hug, I couldn’t help smiling. And, in hindsight it seemed like the best decision I had ever made.

But that might have been the orgasm talking.


If you like what we did here, go show Inky some love. He’s @TattooedKink on Twitter, and his work can also be found on Tumblr and Erotic Meet. Do convince him to write more, because he’s an amazing artist.

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  1. Inky

     /  December 13, 2011

    A good first collaboration with a truly talented writer in Jill x

  2. airshipmistress

     /  December 14, 2011

    Oooooh, very nice you two! xx

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