All The Right Places

I’ve not been sex-writing an awful lot as of late, but I really feel like I shouldn’t apologize for that. My life is a bit shit right now, and I just can’t write on command, not even when I command myself.

I’ve been overthinking things too much. Small, silly things like the layout of this blog. Should I change it? Should I switch it up? Should I update my link list? Should I write more of this or more of that?

And things like: should I really move to the UK? Why don’t I move to the States, start a career as a writer/queer porn performer ? Why do I try to make other people’s lives better when I really should look after myself? Should I still bother with the mess at home? Should I eat better so I don’t get sugar rushes anymore? Should I… Could I….Why do I?

I don’t know anymore.

I just want this year to be over, so I can start again. And then, maybe I’ll be in the right places, see the right faces and just be able…

well, to live, I guess.

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  1. Ah, you don’t want to come to the States, we’re pretty fucked up here right now :/
    Though I’d give you a proper welcome if you came 🙂

    Really, the calendar year is just an artificial construct… you can make the changes any damn time you please…

    ~Kazi xxx


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