Stocking Filler

Consider this my Christmas gift to all my lovely readers, who have stuck by me through the past ten months and will hopefully stick around for so much more naughty fun.

Thanks to Yummy for this brilliant idea and for being a brilliant friend.


1) My favorite pic of the year

2) My favorite posts I’ve shared (I’ve split this in two)

Works of Fiction

The Projectionist (a story I wrote inspired by Mr Ned Mayhem)

Only Connect (a collaboration with my friend Inky)

A Dirty Kind of Grace (the start of a story about sex addiction)

Piano Man (not just one part, every part so far)

Lush, A Fantasy (for my friends Jack and Jill. One day…) 

I actually quite like most of what I wrote in the past few months, so if you want to read more, do check out everything under the tag “non-Little Stories”

Works of Fact

Once, Twice, Thrice (the night Queer Porn TV was free…)

The Wank Routine (speaks for itself, really)

XXXmas Day 12 (my ode to masturbation)

I would have shared more, but I have over 500 posts to go through… I invite you to discover it all and get naked with me in the new year!

3) What was your most memorable sexual moment?

My most memorable sexual moment was my first kiss. It released a lot in me, including a few demons from the past. If I close my eyes, I can recall the moment.

The cuddling was incredibly sexy too. It was sensory overload. I’m very glad it happened, because I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Close second would be the events described in Once, Twice, Thrice. That was a brilliant night, and I’ve never managed three orgasms in a row again like I did that night. I keep thinking I owe Maggie and Ned a massive favor, just because it was their clip that made me come so much!

4) What firsts did you try this year?

So many things! Being open about sex, kissing, sex toy shopping, buying porn, submitting a story, going to Erotic Meet and making new friends, every fucking thing!

And I bloody loved it all.

5) What would you like to try for 2012?

Writing a novel. Spanking. Getting fingered, getting eaten out, eating someone out, blowing someone. Fucking.

6) What’s on your sex toy shopping list for 2012? Or what were your top sex toys you played with or reviewed of 2011?

The top sex toy I played with this year is my pretty precious Sasha Grey vibrator, which the gorgeous Ryan Keely reviews up close and personal hereabouts.

On my shopping list is:

Hitachi Magic Wand

Lelo Gigi

Lelo Ella

Pure Wand

Liberator Throe

Liberator wedge

And so many more things….

There you go, a lot of naughty stuff for you! If you want to send me your Christmas wishes, feel free to leave them in the comments, my lovelies! And go send Yummy some sexy stuff, she’s the greatest.


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  1. Yummy

     /  December 22, 2011

    Great post! And piano man is on my list of your fav posts and as that pic was part of my birthday gift I think you know how much I adore it already!

    Liberator ramp on its way to ysl towers so I will let you know how much fun it is!

    Merry Xmas babes, so pleased blogging brought us together xx

  2. I love your 2012 list, and I hope it all comes true! And A Dirty Kind of Grace is my fave at the moment, I think. But it varies with mood. <3, L.

  3. Wonderful job! We love the gummi cola bottles, although to be honest we suspect they’re not the sweetest things in the picture! Glad to see that “Lush, A Fantasy” made your list of most erotic writings. Even though we didn’t write that one, we appreciated it so much that we included it in our own list.

    Our own post will be up a bit later this afternoon in order to give our HNT – which is really quite spectacular – a few hours in the spotlight.

  4. Hardin Reddy

     /  December 22, 2011

    Loved reading some of your tales of sexual experimentation . . . looking forward to more! And you have some great ideas for your toy list.

  5. It’s been a delight getting to know the lovely Jilly here and on Twitter. I do hope you get to fulfil some if not all of your 2012 wishes and especially best of luck with the potential move !

    Festive hugs,
    LP xx

  6. I’m hoping next years first are just as fun as the firsts of this year, or even better! 😉
    We will have great fun!


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