Santa That’s My Only Wish This Year

With the New Year only a week away, I thought it best to reflect on the things I want for myself in the next twelve months. Thinking about it, I can possibly divide into sexual and non-sexual stuff. So, here goes.


12 Things I want to achieve in ’12 (non-sexual)

1: I want to further my education and go the way of Betty Dodson, the self-made sex educatress.

2: I want to produce at least one longer piece of writing that I can be proud of.

3: I want to move to the UK, so I can be closer to my friends and start living my life.

4: I want to work so I can get enough money to go to San Francisco and meet up with Jack and Jill (and Maggie and Ned).

5: I want to celebrate life and do something really wild. What, I don’t know. Suggestions welcome.

6: I want to find the piece of my heart that’s been missing for so long.

7: I want confidence.

8: I want to stop being afraid to live.

9: I want to see if I can find a course in filmmaking and successfully follow and finish it. Similarily, I want to either find a course in dancing or drama, so that I can pick back up what I have lost.

10: I want to become an activist, make my voice heard and teach people about sex.

11: I want to support the LBGTQI community and support Queer porn.

12: I want to leave Belgium without feeling guilty about leaving my mum here.

And most of all, in one year’s time, I want to look at this list and be able to smile about it.


12 Sexy Things I want to try in ’12


2: Further my experimentations with anal penetration and purchase a buttplug.

3: I want to kiss a whole mess of girls and boys. And possibly have sex with some of them.

4: A threesome. (Preferably with Jack and Jill)

5: Cooper Beckett’s Orgasm Whisperer skills. (But only if he wants to)

6: A sort of toy I haven’t tried before. (I’m thinking a Lelo Ella dildo, or a glass toy)

7. A successful squirting orgasm, aided by a toy (because fingers are wearing me out)

8. Something wild and radical. Thoughts on what are welcome.

9. Posing nude.

10. A Hitachi-induced orgasm or twenty.

11. Spanking.

12. Attend a sex and sexuality related conference.

And I want nothing more to look back on this list without regrets.

Merry Christmas, dear reader. I hope your day is filled with deviance and dirty things.


xx Teña un Nadal moi desexable


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  1. I live in the UK too and I have had to deal with the same guilt about leaving my Mother back in Ireland.

    I would also like to meet Jack and Jill.

    Anal penetration, is awesome. It takes practice but feels incredible. For something wild and radical, how about double penetration in the one hole?


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