Saturday Sweet Sixteen On A Sunday

My friend Rachel Ray, known by the moniker Sxybklvr on Twitter, started a new meme on her blog. It was an excersize in positivity, and since everyone and the trees could use a bit of positivity, I decided to spread the cheer.

So, here are sixteen things I’m thankful for this week.

1) My four hour long chat with @flexibeast, who expertly talked me down from a ledge.

2) The chat I’m currently having with the same person.

3) Getting a new camera and finally producing a decent picture.

4) The ideas I got hidden up my sleeve for the new year.

5) Indulging in a nap under my new woolly blanket.

6) The mince pies and Christmas card @rebeccalowrie sent me.

7) Knowing that there is a way out of my situation and that life is still ahead of me.

8) Discovering Marry The Night by Lady Gaga, because the lyrics remind me of a night in London

9) Having the best Christmas dinner with my mum, which consisted of us sitting at the chippie and catching up.

10)  Finding proper Macarons de Paris at the supermarket.

11) The first bite of those Macarons…. sinful.

12) Being able to be open to my mum about what I want in life.

13) Having 300 minutes worth of documentary on the Mafia to entertain me.

14) As I write, I still have a cozy sleep ahead of me.

15) I’m slowly getting inspired again.

16) And I’m very happy that the New Year is around the corner.

I leave you with a picture to close this off.

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  1. We are very glad that you are participating in this meme. It’s nice to focus on the positive aspects of life. And the ecard is excellent; definitely something I could say about you (and presumably vice versa).

  2. Love the E Card!
    7 and 12 are my favorites on the list.
    Glad you joined me in spreading the positive.
    aka Sxybklvr

  3. This is a really great Meme idea. I may have to steal it soon.


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